Your Responsibilities

Honor your appointment time.

Appointments occur every 10 minutes. You need to be ready for treatment at your scheduled time so that your acupuncturist has that time to spend with you. We cannot accommodate lateness and cannot guarantee that you’ll be seen if you arrive late. This policy ensures that we have the time we need to provide quality care. We’d like to spend most of the time we have treating you, so please don’t expect us to explain acupuncture or herbal theory.

We also ask that you be flexible. There are times when we may run slightly behind schedule.

Keep the reception area and treatment room quiet and respectful.

Enter the treatment room ready for treatment. This means having your mobile phone off or on silent and having already changed clothes, if needed. Quietly choose your spot and get comfortable. There’s space under the chairs/tables for small valuables, but please leave any bulky or noisy items in the cubbies in the reception area. If you have something big and valuable, you may ask the front desk worker to hold it behind the desk for you.

Be prepared to tell your practitioner what you’d like to focus on in treatment.

We’ll have notes and will likely remember the details, but please tell us how youve felt since your last treatment and what you are experiencing now. Be as specific and direct as you can, and let us know if your priorities in terms of treatment have changed. We’ll ask questions if appropriate.

Bring what you need to be comfortable.

If you need headphones, earplugs, or a favorite blanket, feel free to bring them.

We do not provide primary care medicine.

Please do not expect us to diagnose or treat a life-threatening condition. We can effectively provide care for many conditions, but we are not medical doctors and do not provide primary care.