Brooklyn Open Acupuncture is a community clinic conveniently located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We offer personalized acupuncture and herbal treatments from skilled practitioners in a comfortable community setting. We are part of a growing movement in affordable healthcare, and we are committed to making acupuncture and herbs as affordable and accessible as possible. We do this by keeping treatment costs down and maintaining a respectful and supportive treatment space.  

Our rate per treatment is $15 - $40, with a one-time-only fee of $10 for your first appointment. You choose what you can afford. Our aim is to separate the issues of payment and treatment as much as possible, and we believe offering a sliding scale rate is more sustainable than relying on grants or government funding and more empowering than providing charity.

Our clinic is part of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture, a multi-stakeholder cooperative that exists to empower patients and community acupuncture clinics nationwide in a mission to make acupuncture and herbal medicine available to as many people as possible.

We want you to receive the treatment you need.